Pond’s Pearl Cleansing Gel Review

I was delighted when I got this loot for free only from Sample Room. Included is Pond’s Pearl Cleansing Gel, Pond’s Dewy Rose Gel, DKNY Sample Fragrance and loofah. Pond’s Pearl Cleansing Gel… Continue reading

Connections You Don’t Have

My Cebu and Bohol Escapade

SUMMER OF 2011. It’s been two years since me and my two close friends Axiel and Jonna went to Bohol to spend a 5-day vacation. There are three reasons why it was a… Continue reading


Early this morning, I saw a girl. Her weary look caught my attention. I found myself staring at her. She smiled at me and so I noticed the dimples on both sides of… Continue reading

The Troubled Mind, The Wandering Soul, The Confused Heart

… Please, stop the time. I am confused at the moment. Really, I AM. … What to do? What to do? … Should I cry? Should I curse? … Am I taking the… Continue reading

Call Me Maybe

open image in new tab to see it clearly ❤ So random! 🙂 My friends usually call me, “Rhea” and “Rhey” (usually spelled randomly, like “Rheyy”, “Rheiiiaaa”, “Rheii”, “Rheaaa”, etc.). I just wanted to… Continue reading


I am a struggling student of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology in Ateneo de Davao University. This coming June, I will be in my fourth year, but… am I happy? Sorry to… Continue reading

I Feel So Blue!

I bet you know what I want to talk about. There’s this friend of mine who wanted to borrow my hairbrush (he actually does that whenever his hair goes wild). I let him… Continue reading

Sooner or Later

All of us have this favorite list of movies in mind, those that touched our hearts or eventually made us happy, afraid, sad, think, laugh with tears or the worst, caused us in… Continue reading

In Search for that Pot of Gold

So is there really a pot of gold that is rumoured to be found at the end of a rainbow? It was I think August on the year 2010 when my family and… Continue reading