I Play with Words

Blogging is something that I should have done for the past few years but then I think my mind was too preoccupied with other commitments that to even start signing up an account in a blog site was so hard to do. Well I really don’t want to exaggerate things.  Right now, I just did the right thing and this  really makes me happy. Because being able to scribble my thoughts is something that lets me to be SPONTAENOUS, to be FREE and to be JUST ME.

When I write, it makes me bring up so many memories. Memories from experiences that made me earned confidence, knowledge and wisdom. I can still remember that one sunny afternoon when our English teacher invited me for a summer class in journalism. I was fifth grade then and I know it was such a great opportunity  but I refused the invitation. I remembered saying, “No.” But then things were really meant to happen. When we were in sixth grade, the person, who was responsible for the field that he should have joined, backed out. I never knew about this until this close friend of mine came up to me and invited me to replace the position. I remembered asking her, “Why me?” But then she said she sees a potential in me and that she believes I can do it. At the back of my mind was confusion and uncertainty. I always use my creativity to play with words but I learned back then that it was not enough. I accepted the challenge but I had a hard time learning the dos and don’ts of the specific field I’m into, which is feature writing. I realized that I still have so many things to learn. Everytime we’re excused in our classes to write articles in the library, I was in deep struggle… I struggled to keep up. Because in contests, it is not enough to be good. To win, you have to be at your best. I was really pressured to prove myself that I was worth it, especially that the classmates that I’m with had already earned an experience. Time was also an issue because it was very limited. But I just kept that feeling within me. I passed articles that still need so much improvement and because of that, it made me think, that I may not be able to make it.

I was kinda pessimistic if I will win and make it to the top seven since there are many representatives of each schools in our city who were also battling to reach to the National’s. To make the story short, I made it to the Division’s Schools Press Conference (DSPC) which made me able to qualify to the Regional’s. From the moment the speaker said my name, I was just overwhelmed. It was the first time so that moment really made me happy. It just made me so proud of myself because out of all the hardships and disappointments that I had, I was able to make it! I learned that the pressure that I was into during the duration of my learning experience inspired me to be better. I was so busy comparing myself to my classmates’ strengths to which I should have never done because each of us has his/her own expertise in each of our assigned fields. They are really not my competitors because we worked as a team, as one school’s pride.

I was enjoying the price of being a journalist. I enjoy every single time I write and cover an event in our school and eventually making it to the deadlines before the publishing date. I’m happy seeing my name under the titles of every article that I make. I love receiving recognitions for the achievements that we had. I love the aura of competitiveness during a contest especially when you look at all of the students from other schools thinking that maybe one of them could be one of my competitors. I also experienced layouting for being the Associate Editor for the school’s paper in my fourth year. I know that not everyone knows that I was actually the one who designed this and that, but the reward of seeing the finished product was worth the sacrifce and effort. One thing that I also couldn’t forget was by the time when I reached the seventh place for feature writing during the Regional’s. The top 3 were only the ones who can make to the National’s but it was still something that made my last year so memorable.  It was unexpectedly great.

It’s sad that I wasn’t able to continue this passion all the way in college, for not even trying my luck to be part of a club for the school paper. I know that I can never go to the part of my life when I should have pushed myself despite of all the academic pressures I was experiencing during those times but I know I can still do something and that I can practice my writing skills through this blog. I am pretty excited of what I’ll be able to accomplish in the future and share all my insights and thoughts here.

So, what now? Well, it just made me think. What if I let the opportunity pass again when I was in the sixth grade? If I did, then I will surely miss half of what good things life can offer. I was really meant for it, I figured. For this passion that God had given me, I thank Him. For using my friends and mentors as instruments to become what I am now, I thank Him. But for the dedication and perseverance, I thank myself for holding on. Because whatever happens, God will still find a way. But in the end, it still depends on me.