An Unexpected Happiness

The sun did shine. The flowers did bloom. This day was no ordinary day. I opened my eyes and started the day with a prayer.

It was Thursday, on the ninth of September, 2010, and I was on count with the number of people flooding my phone and Facebook profile with greetings. I entered the school with a smile and headed my way to the computer laboratory. And by the moment I started to open the door, my classmates started to greet me. My elder sister who was then in Dubai called me while we were having an activity. She started to sing the “Happy Birthday” song and so I saw myself crying on my way to the comfort room. I knew by then that I was really emotional on my 18th birthday.

Afternoon came, we already had lunch and we still have two hours of vacancy after our 2nd subject. I saw my close friend (who by then didn’t greet me yet) walking along the sixth floor and I was shocked since students not under our division are rarely seen there. Also, the center lounge was missing with the people I know and were mostly my classmates. And so I wondered, “Where are all of them?” Suddenly two of my friends decided to go to the seventh floor. Our feet were on our way to the center lounge until I saw each of my classmates holding 18 long-stemed roses, 18 little blue balloons and 18 cakes with candles each on top. They all looked at me with a smile on their faces and began to sing for me. And where was I? I was really in shock and became shy and even hid behind the walls. But then they forced me to come to the center and let me sit on a chair. I saw myself smiling which eventually brought me to tears overflowing on my eyes and chills running down my spine when I even saw my “barkada”that’s been with me since elementary. And one of them who is studying from another school was also there so I broke down in tears. I just can’t help the feeling that I had. One by one, the girls started to give me each a cake and a balloon while each of the boys gave me a rose and danced with me. It was like the seventh floor was transformed in a ball. Also my friends were capturing all of these memories into pictures. They also gave me this very big-sized card, full of their personalized greetings. I just couldn’t stop saying “Thank you” to each one of them since I thought that was all I could do at the moment. It was just unusual that all of my dear friends were there and to see them unite for my birthday was one of a kind. I felt like I was the luckiest girl to be surrounded with friends like them. I felt so loved and I really appreciate their presence in my life. The bell rang for the 3rd subject and some of my friends chose to stay.  We ate the cakes and hang out for a while. My friends helped me to carry all of those things and just before I go home, two of my “barkada” helped me to organize an overnight outing on a Saturday as a post-birthday celebration. That was also another thing that all of us really enjoyed.

When I reached home, I spent the remaining hours with my family and began to enjoy the delicious foods and desserts on the dining table prepared by my mother. I also told to them what had happened and they too was very happy for me. My heart and soul was blissful for having been able to celebrate this 18th birhtday of mine with my family and with my friends who’s been with me since I can remember. These precious memories I had, if only I could experience them all over again. But then all I can do now is to reminisce and to always treasure them in my heart.

The sun did set. The flowers did wither. This day was no ordinary day. I closed my eyes and ended the day with a prayer. Deep within me, I was at my happiest.