Painting as a Hobby

Colors seem to explode in my imagination.

Late last year, I got an Adobe Photoshop CS5 installer from a friend and discovered this very amazing feature that they have— the mixer brush tool. I love to paint and it is something that I occasionally do when there are projects before in high school since they were all required, so I have an excuse to buy the necessary materials. But as of the moment, I’m having an issue about the money and time spent to create a masterpiece and also it’s not one of my priorities now since I’m at the peak of my college life. So as to being resourceful, I used the software as an instrument to at least continue what I love to do.

Though the brushes that I use are the ones I can’t grasp, I’m still glad to create paintings from Photoshop, only to feed my hunger for the meantime. I’m amazed how experimentations come to result like the one you see above. Everything there came from scratch. I love landscapes so I guess that’s where the inspiration came from. : )