I Feel So Blue!


I bet you know what I want to talk about.

There’s this friend of mine who wanted to borrow my hairbrush (he actually does that whenever his hair goes wild). I let him get it inside my bag but he couldn’t see it. So he decided to put away, one by one, my things and I noticed that he kept on saying the color of the thing he was holding. And we both laughed because he kept on uttering, “Blue!” And I realized. Unconsciously, I keep on collecting things that are in the shades of it. However cheap, expensive, big or small it is, I don’t seem to care as long as it belongs in the family of color Blue. Ever since, my eyes are attracted to it. So yeah I felt like capturing all of them, only those that I found inside my room.

From upper left to right: blue laptop, blue earphones, blue umbrella, blue fan, blue notebook, blue pen and blue laptop case. From lower left to right: blue band, blue sticky notes, blue rubber bracelet, blue phone case, blue keychain, blue pouch, blue container of powder and hand sanitizer, blue hairbush, blue folded fan, blue teddy bear. And that thing in the center is a blue sack. Oh but wait! There’s more! Let me not forget that blue bed sheet underneath all of them.

OK. SO I REALLY DON’T EXPECT YOU’VE READ ALL OF THAT. HAHAHA Right now, I’m just looking forward of what I can collect more in the future.

P.S.: He really did able to find my hairbrush. It was the last thing he got from my bag. : )