The Troubled Mind, The Wandering Soul, The Confused Heart

Please, stop the time. I am confused at the moment. Really, I AM.

What to do? What to do?

Should I cry? Should I curse?

Am I taking the right path? Or am I in the wrong way? Should I turn back? Or should I find a new way?

Is there a reason for all of these? Like what I always say to myself? If there is, is it too early for me to know? Or did I lose some of my senses?

Oh God… why??? 😦

If I took the other way…

…will I still experience what I had experienced?

…will I still meet the friends I have now?

Even in different situations but with the same purpose

will I still be the way I am now?

Can I cry without wasting tears? Can I curse without giving disgrace?

If only I could turn back time… If only.