Pond’s Pearl Cleansing Gel Review

Sample Room Loot I was delighted when I got this loot for free only from Sample Room. Included is Pond’s Pearl Cleansing Gel, Pond’s Dewy Rose Gel, DKNY Sample Fragrance and loofah.

Pond’s Pearl Cleansing Gel is the first whitening facial wash in gel formulation that cleanses your skin, making it whiter and fresher, without drying it. Gel skincare products are lighter in texture and generally have milder ingredients allowing its essential properties to dissolve faster and more effectively into the skin. The Pearl Essence is known and tested for noticeable SKIN WHITENING. WIth its oxygenated formulation, it cleanses and refreshes while locking in moisture, making skin softer and more supple. Also, it is perfect for sensitive skin as it has milder ingredients compared to drying, whitening soaps.

Pond's Pearl Cleansing Gel

Pond’s Pearl Cleansing Gel

So here’s my review: I love anything in gel form. That’s why when I came to learn that Pond’s had its first whitening facial wash in gel formulation, I was keen to try it right away. A pea-sized of the lightweight gel formula is all you need. Applying it into my skin doesn’t leave any thick foam. The moment you massage it into your face pops up the floral scent. It feels light and the moment I washed my face, my skin instantly feels soft, smooth, leaving the skin moisturized. I also felt refreshed and cleaned after using the product. The Cons: Comparing to other facial wash in gel, Pond’s Pearl Cleansing Gel has its strong floral scent. I have no issues on this but if you are the type who are sensitive to smell, you better try a sample first. The Pros:

  • It is hydrating.
  • It doesn’t make my skin oily and greasy.
  • It’s good for all skin types.
  • It doesn’t clog the pores.
  • It didn’t cause me irritations or allergic reactions.
  • It’s affordable. It is priced at PHP 85 while 100g is at PHP 155.

I recommend this product for anyone who hasn’t tried any gel product for the face yet. You will readily notice your face to be fresh and squeaky cleaned after using Pond’s Pearl Cleansing Gel. It is best paired also with Pond’s Dewy Rose Gel for better results. Try it to believe it!