The Blossoming of May

I’m still suffering from a headache for sleeping at four in the morning on this fifth day of May (which meant that Maru-Chan, my puppy, didn’t have to exert efforts for me to… Continue reading

Painting as a Hobby

Colors seem to explode in my imagination. Late last year, I got an Adobe Photoshop CS5 installer from a friend and discovered this very amazing feature that they have— the mixer brush tool.… Continue reading

An Unexpected Happiness

The sun did shine. The flowers did bloom. This day was no ordinary day. I opened my eyes and started the day with a prayer. It was Thursday, on the ninth of September,… Continue reading

I Play with Words

Blogging is something that I should have done for the past few years but then I think my mind was too preoccupied with other commitments that to even start signing up an account… Continue reading